WordPress For Small Business Websites

WordPress is arguably the best CMS (Content Management System) for business websites. Many successful corporate business websites use WordPress, for example Ford, The Wall Street Journal and Sony.

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WordPress is a good choice to power a small business website because it creates a well-structured site from an SEO objective and can potentially rank you better in search engine results. It can be easily updated by staff/owners/individuals with no knowledge of HTML, and has a worldwide community of users and developers that can help out.

A WordPress business site should have a home page explaining the basics of the company in a few words. From this page users can must be able to navigate to other areas of your site to find out further information about  your products and services. Every WordPress business website needs to fulfil a purpose – generating leads or get people to contact the business so that they might buy something.
Business owners should try to condense their pages in the top navigation down to 5 or 6. These will include, typically, a Home page, an About page, a Contact page, with perhaps the ‘blog’ element of WordPress for ‘News.’ Your static pages are the “shop window on the world” which should be endlessly tested, updated and improved.

Put Keywords into your Sites Title
which can be done in the WordPress administration section  (for example rather than just  “Blogs and Sons” try“Flange Manufacturers – Blogs and Sons”). This will increase your chances of being found in Google by people looking for “Flange Manufacturers”.
Create a static page for your home page and a separate section for your blog
Still in the WordPress back end, go to Pages > Add New and create a new page. With our example you would maybe entitle that page “Widget Manufacturers, Harrison and Sons” and create an eye-catching and succinct synopsis of what value you give to your clients with links to other pages in the site for further information.
Contact page
Getting visitors to contact the company through the website is one of the main objective of your site, then you should have a clear call-to-action on the Contact page. You may wish to offer a 10 minute free consultation, this would increase the number of contacts. Offer as many ways to contact you as possible

Top Tips For Creating WordPress Business Websites

  • Turn off comments on pages but keep them on the blog posts
  • Have a call-to-action in the sidebar with further reasons for prospect to contact you. For example: “we can either help or be able to recommend other companies for you”
  • Other “Hire Us” links in the top navigation bar or in a Hello Bar. These extra calls-to-action should be subtle, well thought out and continuously tested. You shouldn’t put them everywhere and look too desperate!
  • Do not have any ads on the site! Particularly not on the home or static pages.
  • Use WordPress page templates to get rid of the blog-like sidebar from the home or portfolio pages.
  • Social proof. Create a testimonial page including quotes from other companies that have used your services and have positive thing to say.

Its Down To You!
You can use WordPress as a straightforward blogging tool, or to clients to contact you through your WordPress website, or a combination of the two. The choice is yours!