Managed Nginx + WordPress Hosting

We provide managed hosting with SLA’s (service level agreement)

What it includes:

  1. VPS/Dedicated server with configuration tailored to meet your demand.
  2. Origin-Pull CDN to optimise static contents on site
  3. Combining and minifying CSS & JS files to reduce site load time
  4. Server OS and software upgrades (includes Nginx, Mysql, PHP, Postfix and others)
  5. WordPress and theme/plugin upgrades
  6. Hourly, Daily, Weekly rotating backups to remote server
  7. Live backup to crashplan server
  8. Mirror site on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is basically EC2 instance which will be used as a failover server if main-site crashes.
  9. Uptime Reports using pingdom, aremysitesup and sitesensor
  10. 99.9% uptime SLA.
  11. Load-balancer setup (optional)
  12. Geo-location optimised hosting (optional)

Contact us for more details.