Piwik Hosting

Coming soon ..PIWIK hosting.

PIWIK has grown to be a serious alternative for Google Analytics. For marketers or operators of private blog networks, you do not want to use a third party analytics like GA since you want to make sure there is no footprint between the sites.

However, you definitely want to use an analytics tool that makes it easy to check out what kind of traffic you are getting for your PBN sites and what kind of keywords they are being ranked for. The answer to this is the open source analytics package Piwik, setup specifically without revealing your server footprint.

PIWIK is an Open Source Software, which you can install on your own webspace under your control. Additionally PIWIK offers different extensions which help in data protection, like anonymisation of ip addresses.

An overview of the Piwik Hosting features we intend to provide:

  • Full separate PIWIK instance with your own database and your own webspace.
  • Enough power so that PIWIK won’t delay your page loading times.
  • Different hosting optimizations such a php-cache (ie:memcache) deployed to enhance PIWIK’s performance.
  • Upgrades are being applied at every new release.
  • Hotfixes are applied for critical issues.
  • Plugins can be installed by request.
  • Archiving-cronjob (archiving period defined by package)
  • Daily data backups, up to 7 days back.
  • SSL-support

Whether your site has a few visits per day or a few million, Piwik can help you gather and analyse important information about your users. Track Key Performance Indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords and many more. Expand Piwik functionality by adding new plugins from the Piwik Marketplace.