Softaculous Hosting

Softaculous is the best third party auto installers we have come across. For a while it was an add-on which can be purchased and added to cPanel, but now it is available on Plesk. Softaculous contains more than 230 applications and scripts and it allows you to install them really fast.

Softaculous Hosting

‘One click’ Installs of Applications and scripts

Currently, it can install a large number of applications and scripts ranging from bulletin boards to content management systems and even Java Script libraries. Softaculous comes FREE with each our Linux Plesk Web Hosting Accounts.

The Youtube video below shows a Softaculous WordPress install from CPanel, but its the same with Plesk with a shortcut to Softaculous from your Plesk dashboard.

Note you can install WordPress or any application anywhere in your hosting space ie: ( or in the root of your domain ( so you go straight to your blog/cms. Its also possible to install into any subdomains you have setup in Plesk such as

Upgrading and Updates

Maintaining hundreds of scripts and installations has always been a nightmare for many web host, given that old versions of WordPress and Joomla etc, can be a security headache and a hack target. Now server applications can be maintained with ease.