Web Development Extras

Domain Registration

If you require new domains to be purchased then the minimum term is for one.

Shared Web Hosting

Fast shared web hosting on Unix servers. Plesk or Cpanel control panels available.
From – £19.

Managed VPS

or Reseller Hosting Accounts with Plesk or Cpanel installed so you can concentrate on reselling hosting
From – £25

Lightweight VPS Setup

For busy blogs with a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) or LEMP stack installed (Linux/Nginx/MySQL/PHP). Substitute PHP for Python, or Ruby if required. VPS can be Amazon EC2 instance, or VPS.net etc.
From – £100

Automated Articles

Posted on your website every week, from an RSS Feed website (5 in total).
Cost – £100

Facebook Integration

Integration of your website or blog into a Facebook page.

Google Places

Business listing to appear in Google Maps and associated Google websites to include details of your company products and services as well as location, opening hours, prices, images, logo, description, payment methods and more.

Twitter Account

Where automated articles will be sent and/or automatically updated from your blog or website

Visitor Comments

appear underneath articles and provide a unique way for visitors to interact with the website by allowing them to comments on any articles posted on the website. Spam bot protection.

Newsletter Signup Form

So that visitors can register for your newsletter. (Newsletters can be created as part of a webmaster work below)

Google Search function

allowing visitors to conduct a search of your website pages and content using Google all from within your own website.

Rapid Search Engine Submission

For brand new, not existing sites. We ensure that the search engines find you, and not the other way round.
Price £5.

Google Language Translator

provides your visitors the ability to change the preferred language to any other automatically.

Website Forum

– An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Questions and Answers

(same principle Stack Overflow, Quora , Yahoo Answers and Google Knowledge Search) is a knowledge market offered on your website that allows users to collaboratively find and post answers to questions.

Mobile Phone Template

Your website will be accessible to mobile phone users who will see a layout designed specifically for mobile phones.

Webmaster Work

Keep your website up to date with maintenance support. Some sites need updates everyday while others only require occasional maintenance.
£25 per month (up to 5 website changes)

Search Engine Marketing

Your website submitted to 200+ search engines every month including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
£15 per month

To discuss your exact requirements in greater detail,
or to obtain a quotation please contact us here or:

Telephone: 0845 5761132